Elisa Bonotti - Who am I?

I am Elisa Bonotti, I am 30 years old.I am a Contemporary Painter and a Resin Artist since 2017. I can say that the story of Elisa Bonotti_LAB begins by admiring my Mother's wonderful paintings since I was a little girl.Degas' ballerinas and Modigliani's women with long necks kept me company during summer afternoons getting me more and more passionate about the world of art, and so painting studies have accompanied me in a self-taught way for all these years. After keeping my drawings locked in a drawer hidden from everyone's eyes for so many years, I decided to show them to the world, to show my artistic research and and vision to the world.

Art Mentions & Critiques

Elisa Bonotti's works: as if they were our memories

Sometimes I wonder how art can be so engaging, and how some artists are able to imprint on canvas a moment, a subject, a memory in which we can see ourselves clearly.There are certain painters, moreover, who do not need minutely descriptive narratives to tell the story, who do not need to render a perfectly realistic face, through the modulation of color or the definition of forms, to get straight to people's spirit. Elisa is part of this category of capable, brilliant artists, who through a personal style,which has now become her hallmark, lightning-fast transcends the public's chest, reaching straight to the heart.Marc Chagall, in his time, stated that, "In our lives there is only one color that gives meaning to art and to life itself. The color of love."

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I tell you about this society in my own way, through my eyes and colors. The Artworks of Elisa Bonotti

Three colors. Three colors are enough to represent and spread, loud and clear, a message.A social message that aims to be a real awareness campaign where art is the only medium.Thus, Elisa's art captivates and drags in those tragic imaginaries such as child exploitation, stolen childhood, discrimination, war and all that comes with it, all the attached feelings that are generated. And while on the one hand Elisa made use of subjects known to us, such as McCurry's photographs, on the other- she seems to have felt the need to mold her own figures, detaching herself from references known to us and reworking images and photographs depicting countries and cultures that we often forget about, because we are too busy looking at ourselves, because we are busy feeling sorry for ourselves without realizing that instead we are elected, we are lucky.

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Society as seen by Elisa Bonotti

If we look in and around us, we realize that not only poetry is able to imprint on a verse a moment, a memory, in which we can recognize ourselves and in which the reader can see himself again, but also on a canvas we can see ourselves again.But how do artists see society?All it takes is more or less vivid color, a shadow, an image that can speak to the heart of the viewer with a personal style like that of Elisa Bonotti. Elisa is an artist based in Italy and her paintings are nationally known.She uses very strong and vivid colors but there is only one color that emerges in each of her canvases, which brings us a message, the love that drives her to deal with various themes and makes us remember what Marc Chagall said, "In our lives there is only one color that gives meaning to art and to life itself. The color of love."

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Themes & stylistic choice

My Artworks are a mix of contaminations of different artistic currents including Pop Art, Street Art, minimalism. They are fundamentally based on the concept of light and shadow both in terms of style and meaning. Together light and shadows i interlocked with each other, defining themselves as Notan.

(Notan is a Japanese word that expresses the relationship between light and dark, the interplay of balance created between light and shadow juxtaposed with each other)

My Art Mission

My works aim to raise awareness of contemporary social issues in which we live and bring about reflection for change; they are issues with which you can identify and in some way find comfort. Each work tells a life story, a story that could be your own.

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