Contemporary Painter and Illustration Artist

Art that tells the story of contemporary society

Elisa Bonotti LAB's works aim to raise awareness and narrate contemporary social issues and their attached emotions in a simple and immediate style.

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Who is Elisa Bonotti_LAB?

Elisa Bonotti is a contemporary Italian Artist whose works have been purchased in 11 countries around the world (Germany, USA, Thailand, France etc). Within her studio Bonotti_LAB pursues her artistic research that aims to, through her bold works, explore contemporary social issues such as discrimination, gender violence, fragility, and social problems that characterize the 21st century.The works present contaminations of multiple artistic currents: pop art, street art, fauvism through a representation with a minimalist style. She often employs mixed techniques with acrylics, ink, and oil pastels on canvas to create the works.

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